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Ballistic Blanket

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The C.P.E.® Ballistic flexible blanket can be unfolded and deployed in seconds giving total protection to the user. In an emergency the blanket can be used as an evacuation stretcher for injured personnel or as an effective bomb blanket.

Protection levels can be increased by adding hard plates in key areas.

Approved to NIJ ballistic standard Level IIIA.

Size is (2Fx4F) 

1. Ballistic materials: Dyneema SB71 and Dyneema SB21

2. Textile cover

Outside: Polyamide with PU coating 340 gr/sqm

  • Straps: 100 % Polyester
  • Velcro: 100 % Polyamide with coating
  • Thread: 100 % Polyester continuous filament number 30

Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Green, Tan