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Full Contact Use of Force and Self Defense Training Suit

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C.P.E. s Full Contact Training Suit, FCT-19 suit is made for Full
contact training indoor and outdoor. The suit is covered with coated
textile, which prevent liquids to perforate and start to destroy the
protective materials inside the different parts. All parts are washable in
a washing machine. There are areas that have blue colours like in
joints; these areas are potential weak points and must be taken into
consideration during training. MV-liner is used inside the suit that are
in contact with the body.
The suits package consist of:
  • Helmet Level 2
  • Chest guard
  • Elbow & Forearm
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Leg Guards
  • Carry bag
Certified to 89/686/EWG
EAN: 4052236119878